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Why Do All Parents Need Parenting Training

It's very simple really. First and foremost, there is no need to get defensive about the title (statement).

No one is putting parents down. The truth is we are not perfect.

I am not, your not, my parents weren't, your parents weren't and our grandparent's weren't perfect. This means there are some skills and lessons that we didn't learn because they were not taught.

Some things that are important now couldn't have been taught because they were not known or understood generations ago. In addition, there are challenges for parents and their children that didn't even exist just 20 years ago.

I could stop right now because that effectively makes the case of why every parent will benefit from current parenting training. (And of course, so will the child)

But let's take it even further...

Our great grandparents intentionally taught our grandparents a lot of important values, morals, principles, and life lessons to their children. How they raised their children was their most important focus. This attitude has been diminishing as time has gone on.

Why? Many reasons...

Times change and things evolve, the world gets more and more fast paced and progressive as people start spending more time making a living and enjoying new things. (Both good and bad)

At the same time America as a whole, and maybe you in particular have seen their net worth increase. More money is being made and with more money in hand or in sight focus tends to shift.

(Even if you personally have not experienced this, you are living in that environment. So you are still affected as people who create the climate are motivated by money to a high degree. This influences marketing, products, entertainment, etc....ok...getting ahead of myself)

People's ideas of what parenting means even changes and less of the traditional values and morals are taught. In addition there is more outside influence from radio, cable and now internet on parents and the child. They grab our attention, time, and focus.And by the way, do you think most of this influence is positive or negative?

No to mention we have more access to different ways to spend time, more money to spend, more programs that exists. Of course we also have more bills and expenses which means we are working more and then playing more to relax. All of this because times have changed. (And always will, I might add)

Many of these are distractions and freedoms are something that our Grandparents didn't have.

But relax, again no one is perfect. There is no point trying to place blame on anyone for us not knowing what we don't know.

Times change and reality changes. New concepts, technologies, challenges in life, school environments, new developments in the economy, local leadership, community involvement, everything changes around us changes and so much of what we think we know as parents is just not there.

Especially not there in reference to today's reality of real world challenges. So it's not so much as an indictment on you personally as it is simply a reality of the times.

(In fact every adult is responsible to some degree for allowing or not seeing the nation slip to it's current state.I digress...)

We take for granted that because we want to be a good parent, we are effective parents doing a effective job. SORRY, not true. Unless you are saying you have paid specific attention to all the changes that has taken place in society and kept up with all of the new challenges your kids face, you gain to benefit from training.

The truth of the matter is, we all know that there are areas that we could use some expert or experienced advice on and besides that.....

As time has progressed and technology advanced and studies have been done there are new tools, techniques, ideas, and proven methods that are tested and understood to be effective which would help parent do a better job BEING PARENTS.

(Notice the capitalization. Why? Well, the point is the focus should be on PARENTING, not being a friend. Which is basic and many parents would say that is wrong. If you don't even get that basic concept everything else falls short. But I can't convince you of that, training though gives you enough information to realize why that is true. Meanwhile, your online line now, you could research the facts if you want. Anyway, let's move on...)

In today's environment parents need every tool they can get to overcome all they negativity their children will face growing up.

Let's not forget the challenges the parents will face given the negative influence from outside of the home. Some of which didn't exist when you were a child. You will learn how to deal with these new challenges.

Our children have much more to deal with then us or our parents ever had to deal with and we need to be exposed to all of those new challenges that our children will face.

That is another benefit of getting formal parenting training.

As you can see, no parent should feel inadequate for taking parenting classes. If you ask me any responsible adult should realize, if they took a moment to think about what I have written, that parenting classes or parenting training would only be beneficial to assist parents who want the best for their child but good for the community and society as a whole.

If you are not able to model and teach your child about building credit, budgeting, entrepreneurship, building healthy relationships, why waiting to have sex is important, the dangers of joining gangs, you need life skills training or parenting training.

If you are not sure how to teach discipline, consequences of their actions, proper interaction with police, obedience, acceptable behavior, responsibility, and other tools your child will need to be prepared for life you need parenting or life skills training.

Not knowing these things are not an excuse for your not teaching them. It's time to learn what you didn't get when you were supposed to and teach these principles and values to your children. It's as simple as that. Everyone talks about ending poverty, this is what MUST be done in order to prevent poverty from being seeded in our children.

Our children must be parented effectively with a focus on reading, writing, comprehension and building healthy relationships, work ethic, creativity and responsibility, and entrepreneurship.

Your life will be better and your child's life will better better.

And guess what, the better you are at parenting the less problems you will have with your children as they grow older and as they spend less time in your presence, but more time in the presence of their peers.

Their peers who we hope has parents who cares as much about being an effective parent to their kids as you do. If they don't then guess what type of children you kids will be friends with? So if you don't teach them better and the kids they are around don't know better, what is the next natural thing to occur?

Their direction and influence will easily come from entertainment or other outside influence (like gang recruiters) that tells them what is cool, hip, and to expected of them to fit in.

Ohhhhhhh, now you see! Yes my friends, the cycle is ugly. We are back the crossroads of self responsibility. So each of us need to do what we can in our own homes and parents to teach our children. We must also pay attention to who our kids are friends and you should easily realize why. From what I see too many of us don't do that effectively either.


The whole attitude of me, me, me, I, I, I and stay out of my business and I will stay out of yours....

That attitude will limit how effective we can be in parenting our kids or making our communities safe.

The timing is coming fast where we will learn that we all are so connected now that much of what I do will affect the next person and what you do will affect me. (This reality is true for individuals, counties, states and countries. What we do will in some way affect our neighbors and then travels right back to us in some way)

Specifically if each one of us don't take the personal responsibility to change our own lives, (in this case parenting but the principle is universal and applies in all areas not just parenting) then what government or any other agency does to try and make living better for us will be ineffective.

So we MUST do what we can to become better parents. (Read people)But we also MUST care about being activist in some form for spreading the word or acting out what we learn too.

(In other words if you see the opportunity to help your community or neighbor, it's in your best interest to do so, cause it also makes life better for you in the long run.)

If you now see that there is a need for all of us to get parenting training, don't pass up the opportunity tell the people you love why they should get training.

If you want to go further, print flyers and spread the news about training.

(I am talking about the principle of spreading the knowledge of life's lessons instead of keeping them to yourself, I am simply using parenting as an example in this case)

You see we all have a responsibility to spread the word to others of the lessons that we have learned in life and not look at people heading down a path of disaster or destruction while struggling as we sit back and laughing like we are watching a reality tv show.

While this may seems too obtrusive or too involved, with today's mindset of the average person, the reality is to NOT act is to create an environment that you will find less enjoyable and less safe to live in.

ooooooohhh, now you see!

Well, I have gotten a little off track and much deeper than intended on this page. It was supposed to just talk about parenting but that happens sometimes.

Besides, it hard to make things simple, cut and dry when the reality is that there is much more to it in the big picture of things.

I hope someone will get something out of it just the same.

Have a Great Day.

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