Friends That Are Not Compatible With Your Vision

If someone is your friend then they are your friend. People are different and mature at different levels. They have different realities and come from different backgrounds.

If they care about you as much as you care about them then they are true friends even though they may be a negative influence or create unnecessary drama in your life.

In these cases you don't have to end your friendship. You just regulate your time with those types of friends. You must apply yourself in a way that allows you to pursue your goals. You must make sure that you are in control of the connection and try to let your enlightenment rub off your friend and not the other way around.

Be advised that bad influences good quicker than good influences bad.

Having said that, one of the reasons that you should not just tell that person to get lost is because those friends are probably in need of someone like you with a better more positive outlook. Someone with goals and a desire to aspire.

Your friend probably needs someone who actually cares and will make attempts to lead them down a path to a better life. A future. Many are still in the process of creating road blocks for their own lives and blaming someone else for them being there at each one. Their other friends are doing the same.

If it's not you to speak the truth to them then who?

So don't mistake me by thinking I mean discard your bad friends and find new good friends.

Network and build relationships with positive people of like mind who have goals, ambitions or even accomplishments that helps them to be mental support and stimulation that you feed off of to continue moving forward in your life. Spend more time in a positive encouraging environment than in a negative one.

This way you can stay strong enough to be that same type of person to your other friends who needs you to be that positive shining light in their lives.

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