Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a trend heading for mainstream in the eyes of many big players. Basically you and I will be using a keyboard and monitor without much need for a processor. Users tap into a data center built on a server instead of a personal computer’s processor for services such as, broad band network access, resource pooling, on demand self services and more. This could mean instead of a lot of people buying individual software for their computer that the software in the cloud could be shared by all users at a lesser expense.

Cloud computing is thought to benefit users also by increasing security, scalability, agility, better maintenance and support all because the computing will be done in one location instead of each end user having a processor.

Cloud computing is heavily funded and invested in by government, universities (such as Yale, Ga Tech, Purdue, and North Carolina State) private companies such as Google and IBM and organizations like The National Science Foundation. Yahoo, Intel, HP are working in joint efforts by providing a huge data center to for cloud computer research.

The term cloud computing is becoming more and more popular but it is already widely used. When you do online banking, or use Google Apps, even face book applications you are using software that is not installed on your computer, it’s in the cloud.

As you can see this definitely is becoming more and more popular. Wonder if it will ever completely replace our CPU’s.

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