Times Change

corruption, gangs, etc

Periods of time with high drug use such as the 70'sWoman's lib, cocaine, heroin, etcEntertainment is ignited in the 80's by rap bringing reality from the cities.

By 90's crack has hit has hard and effects people (which includes parents) everywhere. The world is becoming more materialistic. Hollywood rich is getting high and the poor is too.

The hustlers making money, both parents are working, the depressed are self medicating and the party goers are getting high. Where are the kids and who is influencing them?

2000 Entertainment is bigger than ever, cable is everywhere, access to information is continue to increase. Everyone is influenced.The message delivered to the eyes and ears for any average living soul centers around materialism and immediate gratification. Music and television glamorizes those who achieve wealth by any means. The music highlights that which deteriorate our communities in a positive way.

Cable and spreads videos and radio is sydication of music along with messages that highlight drug use, gang activity, across the country influencing the kids of the home competing with the parents influence. At the same time the parents are in the home less and parenting less. Some were raise from homes afflicted by an absent father, or drug use or, poverty resulting in limited access to basic needs and sufficient tools for life preperation.

Now the world has evolved into a fast paced technology driven society.

It would be silly for us to believe that through all this we

Unless your parents were perfect, your childhood wasn't perfect and you were taught everything. No one knows everything about parenting. That's because

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