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Voices of Transformation

VOT Inc of Greensboro NC

Y.E.S. - Youth Empowerment Services in Guilford County
W.O.R.D. - Women of Ressurection and Destiny
M.O.R.E. - Men of Resurrection and Empowerment

Voices of transformation (VOT Inc.) is a community services one stop shop organization designed to attack the struggles of men, women and our youth in society at the core. Name the problems, it's on the table.

This organization follows a road map in my heart and mind that will have the most effectiveness at dramatically reducing poverty by not simply giving handouts to those in need but also providing the necessary training and instruction and counseling in order to help them see a new way of living.

New Possibilities...

In addition, they provide the tools, training and instruction to position themselves to live out that new life.

New Potential....

With this new vision and something to strive for people are empowered to not just dream of change or wait for someone else to magically improve their situation,instead they began a process to arm themselves with the thought process, tools, and armor to take charge of their lives and head of into a whole new direction.

New Inspiration and Hope....

There is no way to effectively describe all aspects of what this organization provides to the community already however, dinner with the CEO Mia Joyce revealed to me that it's inevitable that there is much more to come from VOT Inc also know as Voices of Transformation. Transformation that is...

Building New Lives.....

I am confident that this program will eventually be nationwide or copied nationwide and produce change in the lives of millions of individuals as it has already done here in Greensboro, NC.

Voices of Transformation (VOT)

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