Using Video Online For Promotion

Using video online must be part of your advertising and marketing campaign. There are many ways to use video and many places to post them. Some of these video hosts are free and some are paid. Some provide more flexibility and freedom than others.

So where do you start. Well it depends on what you are trying to accomplish in addition to simple web presence. YouTube is by far the most visited video hosting and sharing site.
Here are some others that are worth checking out too. Vimeo,Video, Yahoo Video, Reever, Break, MetaCafe.

Internet video is especially useful if you do business that extends beyond Greensboro, but even if you are only doing local business, having internet video is an important part of your web presence. People expect it.

Some businesses will want to use another video hosting service talked about at the end.

Here is the benefits of using videos to promote.

  • People are more likely to watch your entire pitch, presentation, etc (if you make it interesting and provide value)
  • You get exposure people who are not looking for your business but it shows up in results
  • If you do it right other people will promote your video for you
  • You have more time to get your point across and show how you can benefit the viewer

The only problem with using free video on your website is that people might double click on the video and be taken away from your wesite. Depending on your business this may not be a big concern.

However for some businesses the click away could take your visitors to a lot of competition who are also on the free video sharing site. If you are doing a video about a local service or product, this would be little concern also.

If you are doing internet marketing or selling product that many other have priced cheaper and people tend to buy online this could be a concern.

There are options for you. One of those business video host options that you can check out is Webvideo zone.

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