Video Editing and Effects

Video editing and effects makes your footage more movie like . It brings your video footage to life, makes it more entertaining. This is was hours of video footage taken simply to document a project. Had it been recorded for the purpose of demonstration the music wouldn't have been playing in the background and the phone would have been turned off.

I am just using it to show how boring footage can actually be made entertaining with video editing and effects added. Notice the cuts to different angles and fading transitions between certain frames. Also notice, because of the nature of the video, it's sped up until the part where the glass breaks on the replay, there it is slow down and cut to the glass. Also, there were hours of dead video cut out because it was just plain boring (keep your thoughts to yourself) and we are left with this mildly entertaining clip of footage. I bet you watched it until the end!

That's what will happen to your home video or your video produced for business internet promotion with a little editing and effects.

Simple video editing can easily turn your footage into an entertaining movie. It doesn't have to cost a fortune.

In fact doing too much with your footage is a turn off for most viewers. But if you want to experiment with effects and get wild we can do that too.

If you are the creative type with plenty of time and you would like to experiment with doing your own video editing and add your own effects you can actually download free software to do some of the simple editing above. If you get tired of doing it yourself you can always give us a call to do your video editing jobs.

Here is where you'll find easy video editing software for video editing effects.

I use Sony Vegas to do my editing. I also have Pinnacle but hadn't used it much. Sony Vegas does just about everything I need and the cheapest version is less than $200 dollars.

If you only need minor effects and editing or only plan on doing it a few times you may want to get a cheaper video editing software for effects or simply pay us to edit your video footage.

If your interested in letting us edit your footage give us a call Greensboro Video Editing and Photography 336-451-7210

Video Editing Effects

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