Trucking Jobs in Greensboro NC

Let's face it, if you can't find a job anywhere else there is always trucking. There are many trucking jobs in Greensboro NC and surrounding area.  We are in a great location along the east coast at a crossroads of 2 major interstates.  The Piedmont Triad as well as RTP and Charlotte Tri State are homes to small, medium and major trucking companies.

There are many types of trucking jobs but as a new driver you are likely to find an entry level job driving a regular dry van over the road. It's hard for new drivers to get a local truck driving job. Even if you get on at a local trucking company, you may have to go over the road. However, if you get on at a local trucking company, you may come back in more regular than if you get a job at the large trucking companies.

Catch 22....

Many local trucking companies that are not the larger carriers, will want some experience before they will hire drivers.

Especially before they hire drivers for local trucking positions.

So if you are wanting to get a trucking job in Greensboro it may still mean that you have to go over the road in order to get experience.  In any case don't get your CDL assuming that you can drive local.  Find a local trucking job first and then get your CDL.  What I mean is find a trucking company that tells you they will hire local if that is the only way you are willing to become a trucker.  If possible get a pre-hire letter.

Trucking is a great career but it is not the best type of job for all people. If you have a family or are married, the decision to become a trucker should be taken very seriously.

You need to evaluate the mindset and attitude of yourself and your  spouse, before making a final decision on whether or not to become a trucker.

If you can follow instruction, don't like taking instruction, can't operate without someone baby sitting you, lack discipline, then trucking is not for you.  If you can't get along with people, despite what people may think trucking is not a good fit for you.

If your wife is a jealous person or has low self esteem, then your job as a trucker will be miserable. You are likely to be 1,000's of miles away for weeks at a time.  If either of you have trust issues, you will be miserable.

I am a trucker. I give advice to people who are interested in trucker. If you are in or around Greensboro and want to get into trucking, you may want to check out my CD, DVD, Book, or website about becoming a trucker.

Ask for the book in your local barbershop. If they don't have it you can get it online here.

Or you can listen to a CD to find out about trucking.

Trucking Info CD

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Trucking Jobs in Greensboro NC

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