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There are 599 ingredients in cigarettes. Some of these tobacco ingredients are toxic and some are addictive. By now we all know smoking is a health hazard and that is is hard to quit smoking. If you don't smoke it really doesn't make sense to start and if you do smoke I hope you will at least consider quitting. If you are in the process of trying to make some choices to take your life in a positive direction it is no question of whether or not you will quit only when? Smoking contradicts your efforts at reaching your goals if you are planning a happy and prosperous life because of the high risks that it will place a financial and medical burden on you and your family.

Here is a complete list of whats in a cigarette

This video will cover some of the most harmful ingredients and how they effect the body.

Smokeless Tobacco is No Better
Free Resources To Quit Smoking or Using Tobacco 1-800-332-8615

Medical Problems That Smoking Causes - True Stories

Gruens Story From Chewing Tobacco

Physiological Effects of Smoking on The Body

The Coolest Cigarette Smokers Ever!

I am just saying. These guys must be the coolest on the block.

Nothing Cool About Smoking, Don't Kid Yourself

As time goes on more and more people are taking the effects of smoking more seriously. Because of this the price of smoking will continue to rise and the level of inconvenience will increase. Discrimination will also increase (though not stated or implied using that term) Think about it, if your a smoker, how often do you leave stop your work to smoke? Will you miss days at work when you become sick? Others are quitting so if your the only one in the office who still smokes it will irritate may irritate others because you smell of cigarette after a legitimate break. Do you think employers are going to think of that. What about health care expenses? Don't waste time getting defensive this is reality. These things already are in play but they aren't even the worst of the problems that smoking cause.....

Is it worth it?

How to Quit Smoking

Free Resources to Help You Quit Smoking 1-800-332-8615
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