Teaching Entrepreneurship to Our Youth

Every parent should teach their child about principals of entrepreneurship so that they grow up already thinking in a way that allows them to recognize or create opportunity. Creative thinking and recognizing the needs of others is the new reality emerging out of and beyond the recession to position oneself to create wealth or at minimum start a successful business venture.

If the excuse for not teaching your child is because you as a parent don't know enough, this is the perfect opportunity to learn. It will only improve the quality of our lives if we have a better understanding of coming up with ideas to start a business and how to go about making it happen if we so desire.

Even if we never start a business, the thought process is valuable to apply in life and being able to communicate those concepts with your child is priceless. Yes parents, that means you should learn about entrepreneurship yourself.

Ok, just imagine...supposed you grew up with this mindset, where would be in life right now? Do you think you might be in a different situation? More money, more freedom, happier even. This is how you uplift the future generation?

Do the things now that create the solid foundation for maximum growth potential in your children. Teach them. Provide them with amour. Give them tools. Watch them grow.

Why is teaching children entrepreneurship so important?

Recognize this If the youth were taught entrepreneurship prior to doing crime, they may have never turned to crime because they see hope to be able to get money in other legitimate ways. The is the perfect video.

IF you are a parent you should be badgering your school to teach entrepreneurship to kids BUT it is not their responsibility first.IT IS YOUR Responsibility as a parent because you are supposed to do what you know will help your child in the future.

The school system should teach it to reinforce what you teach AND for the parents who won't take action and do what's best for the child so that it is at least not completely foreign. The school system should teach Entrepreneurship because it makes common sense and all parents should ban together to try and get it in.

Parents also should learn and teach their children entrepreneurship because it makes common sense and could change the direction of your child, your family, and society. These are the changes that we have the power to make.

These are the types of things that if we are not doing, how can we complain about what President Obama is not doing. How are we going to talk about being oppressed, why are we talking about life not being fair, if we are not doing some of the simplest things that we can do as parents and citizens to create change in our own lives.

IF after reading this and seeing this video you don't take action I don't know what to say.

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