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We as adults must pay closer attention to what goes on at our local schools. We should learn how the rules and policies impact the child's ability to learn and prepare for college and life. We should have a relationship with each teacher of the child and the principal at every school that you have a child attending.

Time constraints and inconvenience, are not valid excuses for not being a part of the child's school experience because the school experience is part of the child's life and as a parent the primary function and responsibility is to help mold that child's life.

The only way to know what is going on at your child's school is to participate and talk to the child about his or her activities during school and in connection with school. We must also communicate with the teachers at the schools.

Check and see what complaints and compliments the schools has about our children. We must also communicate with other parents to help get an understanding of the schools effectiveness at educating our children.

Online resources gives parents an excellent way to share this information about teachers and school systems. Tools are available to help in research and investigation schools but you must participate to make them useful. Please contribute to these reviews, provide information you have about the schools your children attend. The more useful information that is available for parents to read the better they will be informed about the education their children are receiving so that a response can be made accordingly. Here is one site that let's you do that, if you know of one that is better let us know.

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Gifted Students - Dual Enrollment

If you have an ambitious and smart child who wishes to get started with college course while still in high school there are numerous options in Greensboro. Speak to your child's guidance counselor to see if their is specific information to benefit you and your child in going forward. Here are some institutions with programs in the Greensboro area.

The Early College at Guilford
UNCG School Dual Enrollment Program
Greensboro-NC Home Page

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