S & S Barber Shop

Avoid long lines waiting to get your hair cut at the barber shop in Greensboro. Not for lack of customers but because of how many chairs they have. S & S Barbershop is huge. But if you do happen to wait, it's no sweat, rack em up on the pool table or watch a little cable.

Barbershop in Greensboro NC

The Info on S & S Barbershop
  • $12 for Adults, $9 under 13 yrs old
  • Open on Sundays 1pm - 4pm
  • Tues - Sat 7am-7pm
  • Huge Flat Screen TV, Game Console

  • Plenty of Parking including big trucks

  • Entertainment includes Pool Table, Cable TV, Checker Board Table and Barber Shop Boogie! (Ask what Barber Shop Boogie is, get a free cd)

  • Plus information about getting a trucking job.

This south west barbershop is convenient to interstate travelers too, including truck drivers. No matter what direction you are traveling it's easy on and off.

From Charlotte you stay right at the split for business 85, then exit Holden Rd. Turn right, 1st light turn right into the shopping center.

From Winston Salem or TN you take I-85 south at the split. You will exit at I-85 Business North loop around and stay in the right lane. You will exit again soon on Holden rd.

At the Holden light (top of the ramp) turn left.At the light to the shopping complex, turn right.

From Raleigh, Burlington, take I-85 South.Exit for US220 North, stay right.Exit I-85 business south, stay right.Exit Holden Rd, turn left at light onto Holden RdAt shopping center light, turn right into shopping center.

or From Raleigh Burlington, take I-85 Business into Greensboro.At I-85 / I-40 Split you will take I-85 South.Exit Holden Road, go West or left.
At shopping center light, go right (they are behind the Burger King)

S & S Barber Shop in Greensboro NC
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