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I have needed the radiator services in Greensboro many times. About 10 years ago was the first time and I ran across a place that I was very impressed by. I did something stupid and mentioned that I felt I needed a radiator (which you shouldn't do) and didn't think about it until after I got home. This almost gives them the green light to give you the worst feedback on what's wrong with your radiator.

These guys called me back and told me I had a $20 dollar problem. Don't remember what it was now, I just remember I did not need to spend what I had thought.

The original owners are not the current owners but just a few months ago in August 2011 I dropped a car off and a motorcycle gas tank to check for a leak. Same thing happened.

By the these guys does much more than radiators.

I didn't have the more expensive problems that i though I had.

There is new ownership out here now from back in the day, but these guys has the same integrity and if they do you like they have done me will take care of you like you expect.

Radiator Services in Greensboro NC

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