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Protecting Your Child

Child protection should be on the top of every parents list of priorities. Sometimes parents get a little off track with wanting to be the kid's best friend and child's rights and it creates a compromise in actually protecting the child. Remember, you know of things about life that your child is completely unaware of (or don't consider yet) so don't let your better judgment be overruled by your child's wishes.

An example is letting the child play or hang with kids that you as an adult can clearly see is bad news, but you let him or her do it anyway to keep the child from being mad.

Noticing strange behavior but not checking the room because the kid or the culture considers it snooping.

Not monitoring their phone usage.

Not checking their online activity because the child says it's and invasion of privacy.

Not making it a point to know who their friend's and their friend's parents are because the child will get mad.

How about allowing your 16 yr old child to drive cross country alone, or sail around the world solo? That's ridiculous.

Taking control and being in your child's business is not only OK for you to do, but it is necessary in order to best protect your child. No matter how much you trust you child's behavior or judgment, certain precautions should be taken to get more insight on what is going on in your child's life. Sometimes it means saying no, and sometimes it means finding out more about what's going on in your child's life to determine what you should be saying.

There are all types of technology and monitoring devices available for parents to use as a tool in order to learn more about your child's whereabouts, and activity online.

Simply explain that you are taking these measures because of your interest in protecting his or her future and do what you have to do. You are the parent and the child will realize later that you were only showing your love and concern for his or her well being.

Not stepping up could not only allow your child to be in harms way but it might end up allowing some things to happen that you regret and can't reverse. When that child get's older, will he or she look back and be proud that you were a cool parent, a good pal or wish you had set just a few more boundaries using the knowledge you had gained as an adult?

Most children think of fun and good times today,(normal) as a parent you should consider what you know about people and life and protect your child for tomorrow.

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