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I used this service over 10 years ago. I sold it and used their services so I know that it works. However, you can find negative information about pre-paid legal services just as with anything else that is used by many. Mostly, that is probably because people don't read or ask questions about what they are getting and so when they need it they expect it to be a get out of free card or they do things as if they are testing the system. In other words just because you pre-pay for legal services doesn't mean you can go and rob a bank and not go to jail.

The idea is for you to pay a little each month just like you do insurance. You don't go out driving reckless because you have insurance. If you do end up needing it however, you have paid so that you can get done what is possible to get done covered by what's in your contract.

As with anything the contract to know if you are interested in it Prepaid Legal Services or not.

A young lady name Sheena will be shooting video and further explaining this later.

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