Practice Speaking In Public

Speaking in public is one of the biggest and most common fears that people have. The best way to get over this fear is to practice speaking in front of a small group of people.

You have to force yourself to do the thing that you are uncomfortable doing.

For motivation, focus on what it would mean for you to master this skill.

Also, remember that others have conquered this fear and you can too!

What would be a tremendous help is to get in front of supportive, positive minded people. Even better if those people are also there for the same reason as you.

Heart & Soul Speaking Group

Friendly Toastmasters Club

These groups are all over Greensboro. If you are not in Greensboro, you can search for a group near you.

Two such groups in Greensboro that i am well aware of are Toastmasters and Heart & Soul Speaking Group.

They are different from each other but both are very effective at helping you overcome fear of public speaking and/or improve your communication skills.

Toastmasters is a professional and Internationally known organization. There are several Chapters here in Greensboro but I am familiar with this one

Friendly Toastmasters Club

Also there is the Heart & Soul Speaking Group. This group is less formal and more laid back group started by a young man named Keith, who himself was not comfortable speaking in public years ago and decided to do something about it. 

Now he encourages other to accomplish the same goal personally at each meeting right here in Greensboro.

Heart & Soul Speaking Group

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