Personal Financial Education

Thursdays 7pm to 8:30 pm 1451 S. Elm Eugene St Nussbaum Center

We often assume that understanding money and finance is reserved for those who are well off. We live trying to figure it out as we go sometimes making serious mistakes along the way. Many suffer well into adulthood as a result.

Some never recover (because they never do anything different.)

Living this way is said and unnecessary.

The reality is that...

  • We all can and should learn about how to create wealth starting with understanding how money works.
  • The information is readily available to us all
  • It's never too late to start and complete the process.

I love meeting people who are passionate about trying to help others to do better. Terrance introduced me to Mr. Hill and My Econ which is a system that helps people learn about and manage their money while offering an opportunity to start a home business. You can learn more about that here. The My Econ System

Now I meet with them at a presentation at least a few times a month just to let all of the information sink again and again. By the way, if you are someone who is trying to get your spouse to be more responsible in handling money, this is the perfect presentation for you to bring him/her to.

Mr. Hill will bring it home to him/her like no one else you have ever heard. It will take all of the pressure off of you and maybe help her/him to actually listen to good advice. (In case you didn't realize, your spouse tends to tune you out, even if what you are saying is good stuff, lol. sorry)

If you are interested in learning about money join us every Thursday evening at 6:30. 1451 S. Elm Eugene Street in the Conference Room.

To make a personal appointment with Mr Hill about your financial goals call (336) 275 - 4203 to set up an appointment.

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