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Greensboro NC slow to catch on.

Remember when network marketing was face to face, door to door selling. Now network marketing online is catching on faster than ever. Amway, Avon and Mary K probably comes to mind.

Now each all of them also does network marketing online. You can find good and bad comments about each of them but the fact that they have been around for decades pretty much let's you know they are legitimate. They wouldn't destroy their reputation by creating a scam, which is what you will hear a lot of people call it. Many will not do the work that is required to be successful in network marketing and they blame poor results on the program.

Anyway, this is not a commercial for those guys, there are tens of thousands of network marketing programs that you can sign on to. Many of those ARE scams but many are not.

DO NOT pay a lot of money to start any program, too many are less $100 and many are some are free and most affiliate programs are free.

Many of these pay out a lot more the the companies mention earlier.

The biggest problem with many of these multi level programs is people expect to get something for nothing. The don't spend time working the program but expect the program to produce magic results.

You have to find a good network marketing program and you MUST work the program. If you don't promote you don't make a dime.

Are network marketing and multi level marketing the same thing?

This website about MLM does an excellent job elaborating on MLM and Network Marketing Online

Network marketing and multi level marketing are terms used interchangeably now. There are programs for all types of products and services from energy to phone service.

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