Heart & Soul Speaking Group

The crew speaks every week usually on Saturdays at 3 as it currently stands. The format is laid back but organized as turn are taken 2 to three times.

1st time can be a short speech or answering questions.

2nd time around is usually 3 minutes about topics that you wish to speak about.

3rd time around is usually 5 to 7 minutes about any topic that you wish to speak about.

There is a clock to keep time. After speaking positive feedback is giving to the speaker from each member of the group about what they thought about the speech given.  See.....EASY!

Join Here

Facebook Page

Sometimes we might go get something to eat after the meeting.  Of course it's up to you and no pressure.  The diversity of people and like minded desire for personal development and self improvement make a pleasant and positive environment to grow.  A big plus is that our members are open minded and non judgmental which makes for an enjoyable time.  You are welcome to join us.

Make sure to let them know Gboroweb sent you by and say hello to me.

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