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Of course there are many other affiliate programs to make money online in Greensboro and elsewhere but these are some of the ones that are very easy and practical to promote.

Especially since a lot of affiliates and marketers are also trying to make money using popular affiliate programs. You don't want that competition promoting the same programs.

Often they will give you cookie cutter websites and you all promote the exact same thing, tooth whitening, lose weight, etc.

This is fine if you already have a list of people to market to but if you are just starting you want to promote something different and of strong value to the people who will be deciding on whether they need what you are promoting and there for will be inclined to take action. SBI is one of those products. They are one of the most respected businesses online and they enable others to start a business online. They are one of the most respected web host online.

The software that enables anyone with a little discipline and time to build a website and turn it into a full fledged online money making business. Two unique functions of SBI is that it teaches anyone who follows the step by step instructions written and in video to do things that many web designer don't even know how to do like optimize the entire site for search engines.

It also has spam protection, automated search engine submission after building each page, an e zine creation tool built in, unmatched search functions. The list goes on and on. If you are going to build a website this is the software you want to build it, especially if you don't know how html.

You can learn more about or sign up for the SBI affiliate program here

Want to build your own online business and make money for yourself?

Go here to use SBI to create an online business of your own

You will find that there are many make money online opportunities. It's hard to decide which ones are legitimate and which are hype. Some are out of the country and only take your information and payment and some just never compensate you as stated. Some are legit but just don't work. Some are legit and work but there are just too many people doing the same things.

These are some more legitimate programs that have a solid reputations for delivering on what they promise. Just don't forget you have to work the programs, they don't do magic, your getting paid because you actually perform a marketing service.

Here is an example of an affiliate link (my affiliate link) and a real product you could promote

Ok, so the way this works is if you bought this product, I would get a commission. You could do this type of affiliate marketing with Click bank. Sign up is free and there is instruction there to guide you through the process. There are tens of thousands of products that relate to interest available to promote from Click bank.

You could promote it to your friends on Facebook, Myspace, through email, or write articles, etc. You would find a product that you know and are passionate about. Trust me they have one.

Now here is something else I want you to understand, you can also develop your own product and sell it through click bank. Obviously that takes a little more skill and knowledge about something that other might be interested in buying but many of you have that knowledge and skill. If that is what you want to do go here. Sell your own products through click bank
To become an affiliate marketer and promote other people's products go here.

Make Money Online With Clickbank

Network Marketing Type Affiliate Program To Make Money Online

Another easy to promote affiliate marketing program is GDI. However GDI does cost $10 a month. It offers web hosting and started off as the exclusive provider for the .ws domain. It has since expanded to offer other domain extensions like .com, .net, etc.

The reason it is so easy to promote is because of the video, service and reputation. You get your own domain name which can point directly to your affiliate code. Here is an example. This is my affiliate link (domain name) This is one of the videos that you will have to choose from to promote to people that you know. Anyone that needs extra money would be interested in such a service to either build a website or to promote to others to build a website. Either way it's a useful tool to make money online, it just depends on what type of person you are and so how you like to spend your time either being creative and building the website or ambitious at marketing.

Both is better! lol, Notice all of these program takes time, effort and some work. Any program that pretends it all is magic is probably a scam, well not necessarily, but you just should not expect to get rich or start making money the next day.

It's not impossible but very unlikely.

If you are in Greensboro NC and you want us to help will making money online we will start having classes in July for other ways to make money online so stay tuned, subscribe to our feed.

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