Level 2 Economy Video Recording Services

When you want a little more than basic footage capturing the moment this might be what you need. With this service you will get that moment captured but you don't get the disc on the spot because it also include some editing.

Your footage will go back to the lab where it will be given

  • Title Page
  • Credit Page
  • Transitions between the breaks in footage.

You will receive

  • 1 DVD with the movie on it.
  • 1 DVD with the photos on it which you can take to Walmart, the drug store or any where else that they print photos from disc.

This session includes 30 minutes on site capturing footage and photos.

The cost for this is $50. The turn around time is 48hrs unless you are told otherwise before taking on the project.

If you want the entire hour cost is $85. And you get 2 copies of both DVDs

Call (336) 790-6730

Note: Length of finished DVD will vary depending on YOU. If you are always ready to shoot, the time will be spend wisely. If you have no idea what you want to do it will take away from the footage that is captured in the time you want the camera operator to be there.

The message.....think out what you want recorded before hand. So most of the time is spent recording the footage that you want and shooting the 20 photos.

We want you to be happy! :-)

Video Editing Services is Available

Level 2 Economy Video Editing Services

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