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There are many Jobs in Greensboro NC. Many companies hiring right now. Find a category that best suits your background, employment desires or skills set.

It may be difficult to search after days, weeks, or even months of getting the door slammed in your face, but as they say in sales, every no is a step closer to a yes.

Keep your head up and make sure you are observing the tips for getting hired. Remember regardless of how many times you get turned down, companies are hiring. You've been to a fraction.

Find your job, go to school or start your own business or if you are ambitious do all three. Whatever you do, don't throw in the towel. You are a winner and winners don't quit.

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Tips for Job Search and Work Habits

Don't be so discouraged that you feel depressed or unwanted. It's just a cycle that we are in. You are competing with many for the same position. Chances are there are plenty of people applying with extra skills and qualifications for the same position that you are applying for. For this reason you may need to get creative in what you apply for.

Don't just seek the type of job that you were doing. See what else you are qualified for. You also may have to step down a little or add skills sets to your resume. One thing that many employers are asking for in Greensboro now is Workeys Assessment Test. This can be taken at GTCC.

Remember until you find a job, finding a job should be your job. You WILL NOT find a job laying in the bed until noon everyday! Schedule at least 4 days a week unless you are doing something else productive that is in line with you making progress toward employment. Like taking classes.

Some people face difficulties find employment in Greensboro because of shifting jobs so frequently or feedback from past employers in relationship to job performance.

We would like to remind you that once you find a job or if you are currently working, don't take your job for granted.

I know this this is old school talk but the following advice is very important to remember now and always about work and you.

1. Your Job Performance - Your performance at work whether you actually like your job or not should reflect a good work ethic. This means to carry out your duties as best you can. If yo don't like your job then seek other employment when you or get training so that you qualify for other employment but don't perform your work at your current job like you don't care.

You should do your job the same way you would want an employee to perform the same job at the company if the company were yours.

Riding the clock and avoiding work drains money out of the company and of course if the company is not there you won't have that job. If the job barely makes it without going out of business then it won't have enough profit to give you a raise.

Also, you never know when you are being watch or evaluated for a raise. Always do your job to the best of your ability. Obviously, it will be used as a deciding factor in things such as pay raises, promotions and task assignments.

2. Your attitude - Your attitude at work can open or close doors for you. It is important to be positive and get along with people. Often this will be an important factor that determines if you will get better positions at work or be stuck in solitary confinement somewhere doing something that no one wants to do.

Really, think about it, everyone likes to work around a happy, bright person. No one wants to work around a person who is negative, gossips about other employees or always has a bad day.

3. Dress Accordingly - Even if there is no dress code, observe what is normal attire in the type of job you have. Work is not the place to show your personal individuality in extreme ways. You shouldn't strive to stand out far from other employees.

Like it or not people are and always will be judged by appearance to some extent. It's only natural despite what any politically correct coward would say. If your employers think you will be a distraction for other employees or for customers you may not make it long if the company can do without you. Or if someone more suitable for the imagine they wish to project comes along.

Some people want to say, "I am not changing who I am for them", and so forth. No one is asking anyone to change, it's a matter of common sense. There is a time and place for everything. Being stubborn and pig headed has consequences.

You have a right to do you and dress how you want in life(to a certain extent) but there are consequences to the choices that we make. Whether you view it as fair or not. Certain personal choices about your appearance will limit the job opportunities employers will offer you because it will affect how people perceive you before words are ever spoken.

Point Blank. Fact.

Call it discrimination, unfair, shallow, whatever but how far will that victim attitude take you to getting a job (or in life for that matter) and don't blame it on someone else. It was your willful choice to be so different.

As an adult old enough to seek employment, the basic concept of knowing your choices has consequences should be nothing new. So because we can do a thing doesn't mean others will accept it from your perspective or not have judgment because you find it acceptable.

Life just doesn't work that way. Think before you do, to make sure you are OK with the potential outcome.

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Summary of Employee Tips

Your attitude and level of performance may help an employer determine who to cross train or let take on more responsibility which may not seem like a plus, but anything that makes you more valuable to the company is a plus.

Also, who is likely to be shown more respect, a person who seems to care about their job or a slacker? You never know when you are being evaluated. Evaluations are not always formal or even planned but a negative evaluation is always a bomb waiting to explode.

Give your best at your job what ever it is. Be on time every time and be proactive so that silly excuses won't need to be given for being late when you find a job. Don't leave home at the last minute for work. If possible don't leave work at the end of the shift in the middle of a task because it will take much longer to get back on track when you start back on the same task the next day.

These are things that the employer will greatly appreciate in an employee. You will become part of the team with this positive and responsible attitude. Handle your job like you would want an employee to handle his or her job if the company was yours.

Think Outside the Box to Find A Job

Jobs in Greensboro NC are available but they are not going to come looking for you. There are probably more Jobs in Greensboro NC available than you realize. If you haven't found a job yet, maybe now is the time to think outside of the box. Take your search to the next level. Figure out what companies in the area that may need the skills you have.

Are there some companies that may need your skills that are too small to advertise? Remember they are in a recession too they may be just waiting for you to ring their phone or walk in their door.

You may want to do a search for your skills in Greensboro

for example say you are a Plumber or electrician or accountant

type . . .

plumber in Greensboro NC

in the search box

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see what companies show up, and then call those companies directly to ask them if they need help. Repeat those steps for what ever your skill is that you are trying to find a job in. Greensboro has a huge amount of untapped potential. The main thing about living in an area such as this is thinking outside of the box.

Keep your eyes open as you travel even in route to job interviews. If you see a company that you think may be hiring just stop in and ask. If your serious about employment you must make looking for your job your job until you get are hired and are making money.

Let People Know About You

There are many resources to help you find hiring companies but keep in mind that one of your best assets will be your personal network.

Spend a lot of time meeting people and talking to people.

Groups, clubs, organizations, church, alumni.

Even frequent areas that employed people may take lunch or break.

Or get trained in areas that office personnel, managers, or business owners would get training in.

Let these new acquaintances know of your desire to work and why you would benefit anyone who hires you.

You never know who you are talking to.

Ask all of your friends for leads hiring companies or better yet hiring managers, you never know who they know either.

Realize that you may have to settle for a job that wouldn't be your first choice.

Finding a job must be your job until you are gainfully employed.

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