lol you are jack rabbit! (this is where the name of your business goes)

here would be a good place for a pic or a video of you, your services, jobs you've done, etc.

Next you would want to describe your business or whatever information you need to disclose about your services.


Under that would be a description, story or whatever you wanted to put to personalized your business.


well, if you've noticed here we are about building relationships and trust. If you really want to connect with the people they like knowing about you or your business. Some will read it others won't those who will and seek to build relationships will not likely know much about any other lawn service so then you have loyal customers.

All you have to do from that point is continue to offer value to your customers, let them comment on your great service(this will be a feature at the bottom of this page)which will of course let other visitors know that you deserve their business.

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