Interacting With The Police

When interacting with the police there is a way that each person should handle themselves. The police should act a certain way and the other people involved should act a certain way. When this goes down like text book there is less chances of problems.

The police are professionals so they are expected to use tactful, effective response. They have to make decisions based on the information they have about the person they believe they are dealing with and the situation at hand. They are also human and make mistakes as all other people.

Police also encounter situations with people that hate them, feel they are all crooked, and have no respect or concern for their lives.

We are expected to show some sort of respect for the officer, follow his/her requests, and act like we have common sense and is of sound mind. Even if we are not guilty of anything or feel that we are being treated unfair at the time. You don't know what information the officer has been given.

Now if the police acts unprofessional you get his/her information after (or during by observation) the incident including the badge number and name to file a complaint and make sure this is not a cop gone wild. In many cases by acting like someone with common sense and explaining your side when appropriate the issue would be resolved fairly.

If you or your child chooses to act ignorant and resist or fail to comply with reasonable requests like, "put your hand where I can see", "stop", "drop the weapon (even if it is not a weapon you know he is referring to the thing in your hand)", etc, you are asking for additional action from the police.

Right or wrong, there are only a few options that come to mind after that depending on what the call is about and the information available and the details of what is happening.

Most people would not disregard the requests of the police if they are guilty of nothing.

One of the main problems that we have with our youth is that as adults we don't teach our kids the proper way to respect and interact with the police. Often their peers, entertainment, and even the news present the police in a negative way. They choose to highlight the negative incidents and all corrupt police, not the positive aspects of policeman. Not the lives they save, etc.

When our youth already views the police in this negative way and we as adults (who often present the police to our own youth the same way as their peers) do not teach our youth how to interact with the police then many situations can play out in negative ways.

Be careful how you speak of the police. Your words sink deep into the minds of those around, especially your children. Don't be the person to set your child up to act inappropriately when faced with an encounter with the police. Inappropriately attitude combined with a police officer who has had a crisis just previously, a bad day, or simply making a bad decision based on the situation may not end up with the best results for either party involved.

Many of the issues that come about from police incidents starts with the actions of the person who is being questioned. Often our attitudes from the beginning will help to set the path of the rest of the interaction with the officer and even whether or not we are arrested or given warning.

Sometimes showing a little restraint, common sense, maturity will go a long way to diffusing a time bomb or allowing a misunderstanding to be straightened out.

However, when we falsely accuse the officers or improperly blame him for acting based on his/her information and the situation or exaggerate points of the situation to present the incident in a certain way like, racially motivated, abuse of authority, etc all we do is cripple the department from ever being effective at performing their jobs.

It would be like having a military over seas fighting a war with people from our own side watching them under a scope and jumping their backs for any decision they make that don't go or end perfectly even when dealing with people who act irrationally, but at the same time expect them to not suffer loss of life and also expect them to accomplish their tasks quickly and effectively.

Oh we are doing that too aren't we.

Ineracting With Police

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