The Health Care Debate

The health care reform that is coming will have some very serious consequences for many Americans. How it all comes together will matter more than most Americans realize. All we hear is access, free, coverage, public option, etc. How many of us really know what all this means. Let's learn a little more about what the whole health care debate is all about and how it really affects us, our children, and our parents. Listen to not just the people you trust (LOL), listen to the opposing views also.

Many of the doctors that I have personally talked to says we definitely need Tort reform. Try talking to your doctor and see if he or she agree that we need tort reform. It will be interesting for you to see how the Dr's view match up to what is in the bill that is a simple comparison all of us can make.

We report, you decide. LOL. Ok, here is the deal, we need to pay attention and know what is happening and what impact it will have as far as we can tell. It is also important to note that certain things that will be done it is impossible to know the full impact of and for politician to make certain statement with certainty is absurd.

One last thing, think of this....Unlimited access to resources and experts in every field is at the hand of our government. This being the case how could it possibly take so long for a bill to be created if it is done with the interest of the people in mind by all parties involved in creating the bill?

Also, why would it take 2,000 pages. It calls for questioning what is in the bill and not automatically believing what either party says.

IF you will notice both parties has people with extreme views that seem to disregard a certain group of people. That is not what their mindset is supposed to be.

They are supposed to do things in the way that it benefits as many people as possible not the ones that they can benefit from.Don't get me wrong, we have the best Government on earth and we live in the best Country on Earth and one of the best states, but don't think for a minute that everyone in office is the best people on earth, they are all human facing huge temptations at many levels.

Don't follow blindly behind any person, politician, group leader, etc without examining what is being said and the guidelines that are being put forth.

You will find good and bad and may need to speak up to what will have a negative impact on you, your parents, or your children. If you don't pay attention and listen to all the information how will you know.

Oh unless you trust that what you are being told is completely honest and in your best interest.

View these sites and read how different views see different portions of the proposed legislation affecting you and your family.

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