Greensboro Questionfish Community Director

(Greensboro, NC)

I. Researches and finds local community information that will become content on the local web pages.

II. Researches and finds all local community groups that become the visitors to the local community web pages.

III. Collects all print advertisements, yellow pages, and other materials that can become a file for ?potential advertisers?.

IV. Researches, selects, and secures the ?Free 20? coupon advertisers that seed the local web pages.

V. Contacts and/or meets with the local community groups to introduce QuestionFish and the free ?Group Billboard?. Suggests the group send email blast to introduce members to QuestionFish. Inquires of their interest in being a ?Fundraiser?.

VI. Researches and contacts all potential ?Fundraisers? (leaders), which can include schools, churches, youth groups, and others. Meet with leaders to present the ?SchoolsCool? program.

VII. Make presentations to the Fundraisers? members, explaining the QuestionFish community website, the ?Intro Packages for Advertisers?, and how to sell/pitch to prospective advertisers.

VIII. Direct sales of coupon/advertising programs to prospective advertisers, including telephone, email, and walk-in techniques.

IX. Management customer accounts (advertisers), which includes the sales process after the advertiser has purchased an ?Intro Package? from a fundraiser, with the primary goal being to retain the customer as a recurring advertiser.


I. Upbeat, high energy personality that exudes enthusiasm about QuestionFish and the community.
II. Self-confidence to approach all local community groups and present the opportunities of QuestionFish.
III. Ability to present and sell advertising/coupon packages to prospective advertisers.
IV. Confident communication skills.
V. Organized and capable of managing the administration responsibilities.
VI. Knowledge and sense of the local community being managed.

This is a commissioned based community director type opportunity for high income and to work with organizations to utilize their built in sales force and benefit the community as a whole.

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