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Having a Yard/Garage Sale can be a great way to come up with a few extra dollars by getting rid of stuff that you don't use. You may even help others who are looking for bargains in the process. If you don't have enough stuff to pull of a yard sale by yourself, get with a few friends and put your stuff together. Fire up the grill and put on some music make a few signs, print a few flyers and turn it into an event. Go to Sam's club and by water and snacks to sell (or giveaway)

Now if your in a good location and you attract a lot of visitors you might just want to have a yard sale once a month or so.

What would you sale? Actually you an buy stuff cheap enough to sale at yard sales from the same place some people who sells at flea markets buy from.

Liquidated goods or store closeout items can be bought by the pallet or the truckload at far below wholesale. Here are some places that you can check out Liquidation Auctions items

Wholesale products information

This is a clickbank ebook about the wholesale game. You can find plenty of suppliers on the internet for free but this book claims to fill you in on the entire game. I have never ordered it. If you do buy it let us know if it is worth the money.

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