Greensboro Barbershops

Heads Up Barber Shop

Note:  The Owners also have a beauty salon and Attorney's office next door.

Executive Barber Shop

Note:  The owner also DJ's parties

What makes a good barbershop?

There are little things that we find in our favorite barbershops that keep us going to that barbershop in Greensboro. The cut is important, but so is the people who work there and the crowd that comes in.

Most barbers cut well.  So, what else do you want from your barber shop?  Calmness? Debate? Excitement?  Conversation?  Education?  Don't may be looking for any of these and not even realize it. 

For me the barbershop is where I relax and unwind and I want to be in a positive environment mixed with healthy drama and good conversation to listen to, participate in or start.  That's why I like Heads Up and Executive.  

That being said, I haven't visited many other barbershops in Greensboro and these two are among the closest to me.  If you are near Pinecroft and Vandelia, Heads Up is closer to you.

If you are near Eugene and Meadowview, Executives is closer to you.  When you get there pick up a copy of my book Barbershop Boogie and start a conversation!

Amount of free time to wait.

The amount of free time will determine what barber shop I go to depending on what day of the week it is. I have a pretty good idea how full each barber is on what day. So the day of the week and time of day determines the barbershop between my favorites sometimes.

Type of Environment

If I want to get hear stimulating positive conversation and be entertained at the same time I go to my favorite barbershop.Heads Up.

If I want to hear reggae music pumping I will go to my man OZ's Barbershop.

If I want to hear Sports talk at the barbershop I go over to Ed's to get my cut at E-Styles.

If I want to hear hip hop or the latest word on the street then I will go to J's or C Parker. I don't go there as much because I hear hip hop and the word on the street all the time so when I hit the barber shop I prefer a different type of environment.

What is your favorite barbershops and why? They don't have to be Greensboro Barbershops but they do need to be in the triad area?

Greensboro Barber Shops

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