Give People Second Chances

We all should make it a point to give people second chances. Most of us makes mistakes when we are young and we learn from them and are ready to move on with life taking those lessons to heart with a desire to make change. Too often, some people who make certain types of mistakes end up getting discouraged after seeing the door slammed in their face over and over no matter how hard they try to go in the right direction. This serves no one's best interest.

These people may very well be some of the best to add to a team of employees. These people often are hungry for a second chances and are ready to give 110 percent to whomever is willing to take a chance on them. How many of your current employees give 110 percent effort at performing their jobs.

These people also have a strong deterrent to keep them from making the same types of poor choices again. They are genuinely seeking a new positive direction in their life and not only for themselves but they often advised others they see headed down a similar path. I have seen this more times than I can count.

They may even offer good advice to your current employee who may be toying with the idea of committing criminal activity such as taking money from a register or stealing product or embezzling or even just skipping out on work for no reason.

I am just saying if you are in the position to offer someone who is sitting in front of you a second chance and that person seems to display a different attitude than that you would expect based on a old criminal record, consider the fact that people do learn from their mistakes and sometimes change.

Maybe it's time to be a blessing in someone's life and who knows you or your business may receive a blessing in return.

Thanks for your consideration.

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