In a perfect world we all would know and understand what the word entrepreneurship means. In the real world, I have to look up the spelling every time I write it.(Sad) Wiki says it is the act of being a person (entrepreneur) who assembles resources in effort to transform innovation into economic goods.

Basically entrepreneurs are the type of people who will take risks because of confidence in their creative ideas and concepts to start their own business.

Entrepreneurship is what drives America and part of what makes it the great nation that it is. Tyler Perry had the entrepreneurial spirit, the founders of Google had the spirit, Bill Gates had the spirit to bring us Microsoft, Zuckerberg gave us Facebook and far too many other companies that you deal with everyday began with 1 or a few people with creative minds, out the box thinking and a desire to succeed.

Despite failing countless numbers of times these entrepreneurs had the drive, discipline and perseverance to keep pushing forward until they struck the chords that played a melody of success and change the lives of us all.

We ALL have what it takes to develop this entrepreneurial spirit and create something great. However, all us don't want to create something big, some would rather just work at those places established by entrepreneurs. Nothing wrong with that.

For those who want to learn more about Entrepreneurship there is more information than you could ever read on the web for free. Some websites that I would be sure to checkout are.


In my opinion the best way to develop new ideas is as a Social Entrepreneur. This is the type of person who would have the mindset to create a business with his employees, customers, and social impact in mind.

Important information to parents about Entrepreneurship

A network comprised of businesses ran by people with this mindset and using it in their operation of the business will be resilient in the hardest of times.

This is because of employee and customer loyalty and retention which leads to lower overhead and better profits in a pleasant work environment. This is the future of the most successful Capitalistic endeavors.

Despite what people are beginning to feel about capitalism, it is what makes America great. We just need to get back to having people who are in position to have huge impact on our lives also be the type who cares about the people as much as themselves.

As soon as we the people pay more attention to what is going on around us in business, government and school systems instead of entertainment and start thinking for ourselves, then we will start taking action to keep good people acting in our best interest in positions power and getting those who could care less out of those positions.

5 Common Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

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