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For economy video services in Greensboro,
(That's no editing, DVD on the spot, 20 minutes for $20)
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DVD/Video Editing And Effects Available if you want
Do It Yourself Easy Video Editing Software

Why pay for lighting, trained camera operators, expensive equipment and the time of a skilled professional to capture footage of a family announcement or monthly gathering or a first swim or many other events that are priceless to the people being recorded but not something that they will be sharing with the world.

There are many cases where all that is needed is to capture the moment. I think of many non eventful moments from back in the day that would have been awesome to have captured on film or DVD.

I also believe that every parent should some footage of their children from different stages of their childhood. This is would be priceless to have 10 or 20 years later and family gatherings.

Not everyone has a camcorder and hiring people can get expensive. That is what this service will address.

We will send one of our people to you with a digital camcorder using a mini disc or full sized DVD to record on.

When he or she is finished recording, you hand over $20 for 20 minutes of footage. It's that simple.

Whatever you do for $20 minutes is yours raw uncut. Of course video editing is available if you want.

Simply Call to arrange for a Video Operator to come and shoot your precious footage today. 336-451-7210

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