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Do you mean DVD Authoring or Video Editing? DVD Editing?

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DVD editing in Greensboro NC is a common request but actually it's called DVD authoring or video editing. The footage is edited and the DVD is created from the footage. Authoring means adding things such as menus, music, chapters, title pages or credit pages, etc.

Video editing takes unwanted footage out to leave you with an entertaining piece of memories. See a sample video with editing and effects here.

DVD authoring gives your DVD nice presentation when you first began your movie. It can have menus, music and credits at the end also.
Here is a video show DVD Authoring.
These things can take your footage to the next level.

The cost of doing this can vary greatly depending exactly how much editing and or authoring you want done. The more editing you want to create the DVD the more time it takes and of course time is money.

If you have a deadline for having projects done, call early, because editing is a time consuming task, there may be a back log of video/dvd editing jobs to be done

Think about what it is you want done to your footage and give us a call. We also do Photo to DVD and simple transfer from video to DVD.

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