Jupiter Jack is a hands-free device for your cell phone, turning your car radio into a hands free phone! Just plug the Jupiter Jack into the place where you would normally plug in your headphones, tune your radio to 99.3 FM and start talking.

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TK6000 makes your phone bills disappear. The TK6000 converts any traditional phone or fax line by connecting you to the internet.
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Portable Jump Start

The Porta-Jump charges your battery right through your car’s cigarette lighter socket, so you never have to leave your vehicle. That means safety, security and convenience.

* Porta-Jump is re-usable. So it pays for itself over and over again.

*fully charged and ready to go. And it re-charges itself as you drive! So it never leaves your vehicle. It’s always ready whenever and wherever you need it.

* Get one for your car or truck. Get another for your spouse. Makes a perfect gift for kids away from home or at college!

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