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Consumer information empowers you to make the best decisions that are important to your family and loved ones. There is a lot of fine print, misuse or abuse of labels, and other issues that you should be aware of. For many reasons you should seek information about products and services that are relevant to your life and not believe all of the hype of marketing. Remember, marketing is done with the purpose of convincing you to buy. If a company cares more about money then they do people (as many heads of companies do right now which is just a representation of how much of a problem this is in society in general) then you can see how it's important to pay attention to where you spend your money.

I hear about such discoveries every now and then and I will start listing them here and invite you to contribute as well when you have useful consumer tips at the bottom of the page. Thanks for sharing.

Consumer Information About Greenwashing

Information About Products That Claim To Be Green

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