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Learning to be a computer tech can give you great skills to make easy money where ever you go. Computers will always be around and your training will always be a benefit to not only make money but save you money too.

There is a lot of different types of computer classes available. You could take specialty courses like A+ or take general repair classes with an expert in the field. It would depend on exactly what your plans were for your training.

Do you want to go into business wit your computer training or are you just wanting to be able to do your own work at home on computers. Obviously, the more in depth your classes the more marketable you are to companies needing computer technicians. To get hired at a good company with a high salary and benefits you will need to take certification courses from the formal Greensboro Colleges that teach computer courses.

Website with list of NC colleges
List of Greensboro NC and surrounding area colleges

Guilford Technical Community College GTCC (336) 334-4822 P.O. Box 309. Jamestown, NC 27282 ... NC

University of North Carolina at Greensboro - (336) 334-5000

Guilford College - (336) 316-2000

North Carolina A&T State University: MAIN - (336) 334-7548 - More

Bennett College - (336) 273-4431

North Carolina A&T State University - (336) 334-7500

UNCG: Center for New North Carolinians - (336) 334-5411

Greensboro College Homepage

Computer Training Questions
Greensboro NC

Got questions about what type of training you should consider? Our good friend has agreed to answer your questions about what you want to do with your training suggest what type of training you might want to consider.

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