Building Healthy Relationships

We are constantly developing relationships as we journey through life. Whether they are personal relationships, business relationship, friendships, or acquaintances that we deal with every now and then, these people all mean something to us and we should mean something to them.

With each type of relationship comes different expectations and boundaries.

In all of these relationships our interaction will either go smoothly or have a few bumps.

When it comes to friends and acquaintenances we tend to let down our guard. If this is who we spend most of our time around, it may be where our boundaries should be the most clear.

Building healthy relationships doesn't mean dropping old friends or excluding all old people from your life. (There WILL be SOME types of new people that you should avoid making a part of your life but I digress....)

It means allowing only certain types of people to have a certain amount of your time. If you let the wrong people have too much of your time and there are things that you are trying to achieve, you will find out that you achieve less and less of those things with the wrong people around you.

First your attitude should be right or else people will not want to build a strong relationships with you. If you find yourself always meeting and bonding with the wrong type of people or ending relationships especially with good people, you may want to get training, takes classes or do research on building healthy relationships.

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